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I made these images back in the early days of the web, around 1998-2000, in the process of learning to use Photoshop and JavaScript, and generally experimenting with graphic design for web pages. The methods are primitive by 2010 standards.

About web art

Web art

Color Grid. This has a clunky user interface, but if you can figure it out, you can set colors in various squares and the application will automatically interpolate the in-between colors. To see some of the possibilities, select a "preset" at lower left and click Apply, or hit Return (or Enter). To modify the image, change the various settings and click Apply, or hit Return (or Enter). Unfortunately there is no way to save additional presets. This UI could be much more effectively implemented using current-generation tools such as jQuery (not a high priority for me right now). This was implemented as a Perl/CGI script efore it was done in JavaScript. See my original notes about this project.
Interactive squares. This used to have an interactive version of Josef Albers' Homage to the Square that allowed the user to set colors, implemented as a Perl CGI script.

Web pages using background designs

Have a Real Nice Day!
Far out, man!
Club Mocambo
Ceci n'est pas un pipe page
Background 1
Background 6
Background 8
How to make seamless backgrounds

Animations using JavaScript

Anima 1
Anima 2Double sizeHalf size
Anima 3Anima 3a
Anima 4
Anima 5
Anima 6

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