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Studio tracks: Current studio recordings of original music.

Studio recordings 1990s: These tracks were recorded while I was living in Richmond Heights. To me the 90s ended on September 11, 2001, shortly after I moved back to El Cerrito. So I included some material recorded in early 2001.

Studio recordings 1989: Made with equipment by today's standards was quite primitive, which, on the other hand, enabled me to be more productive.

Soundcloud tracks: Photo by Rick Brown Original music on Soundcloud.

Jazz solo transcriptions: Some solos by Kenny Dorham and one by Miles.

Gigs: Photo by Ruth Caprow This month's gigs around the Bay Area.

Bands: Bay Area bands 2011-present, Ann Arbor–Detroit bands, 1974-1984.

With Rick Hollander 1981: Photo by Connie Williams Rick Hollander's 1979-1981 group, known as the "RH Factor" long before Roy Hargrove formed a group of the same name, rehearsed and performed in Ann Arbor until Rick moved to New York in 1982. Audio tracks are available on this page.

With Lunar Glee Club 1984: The Lunar Glee Club, a nine-piece instrumental ensemble, was founded by bass players Dan Bilich and Dan Ladizinsky in 1983. Later rebranded as the Lunar Octet, the group performed and recorded around the Ann Arbor–Detroit area through the mid-1990s. Audio tracks are available on this page.

More Lunar Glee Club: Live at The Blind Pig: Artwork by our dear, late friend Chris Frayne Early gigs at the Pig, one of Ann Arbor's longest-running music venues. Audio tracks are available on this page.

Yet more Lunar Glee Club: Live at the Ann Arbor Art Fair: Audio tracks are available on this page.

Environmental recordings: A recording of water sounds at Samuel P. Taylor State Park.

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