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Studio tracks

All compositions and arrangements by Kalle Nemvalts. Some of these tracks are also on my SoundCloud page. This page serves as an ongoing journal of studio recording projects.

These are more recent tracks recorded in my current studio environment based on MOTU Digital Performer 9, Propellerheads Reason 9, and Native Instruments Komplete 9, and mastered in Digital Performer. Comments are welcome, especially suggestions on arrangements and mixes. Most recent mixes are at the top. Kalle Nemvalts: trumpet, fluegelhorn, synths and synth programming, samplers, drum machines, percussion, audio engineering, mixing, mastering.

Ambient pieces. These use Digital Performer's real-time MIDI effects such as Echo and Arpeggiate, and plugins from MOTU, SoundToys, Valhalla, McDSP, and Slate:

The following tracks were composed — the structure of the piece was worked out before recording — and are finished studio recordings:

The following tracks began with a recorded improvisation, followed by overdubbing and remixing:

The following tracks were improvised and recorded live in the studio, with later overdubs:

Work in progress. The following are not so much finished pieces but demos for material to be played by live bands:

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