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More Lunar Glee Club: Live at The Blind Pig

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These 1984 recordings of the Lunar Glee Club, from live performances at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Michigan, were remastered from a stash of audio cassettes in the collection of Jon Krosnick. Some of this material was previously broadcast live on WCBN, the University of Michigan campus broadcasting network. Audio recordings copyright 1984, Lunar Glee Club.

Personnel on all tracks: Dan Bilich, electric bass. Sam Clark, electric guitar. Steve Hiltner, alto saxophone. Aron Kaufman, congas, percussion, announcer (Live at The Blind Pig). Jon Krosnick, drums. Dan Ladizinsky, electric bass. Dave Mason, percussion. Kalle Nemvalts, trumpet. Paul Vornhagen, tenor saxophone, alto clarinet, flute.

Live at The Blind Pig, volume 1, recorded on May 14, 1984

First set:

Second set:

Technical notes: This cassette was transferred to 96-kHz, 24-bit digital audio for remastering. Bias SoundSoap 2 was used to take out some of the tape noise; a crossover at 220 Hz to isolate and tighten the stereo spread of the bass; a multiband compressor to balance the frequency spectrum; a highpass filter at 32 Hz to tighten the bass; and a lowpass filter at about 17 kHz to take out noise above the frequency range of the cassette. For comparison, here is an uncompressed version of You Are Here.

Live at The Blind Pig, volume 2, probably recorded on May 21, 1984

Live at The Blind Pig, volume 3, recorded in May or June 1984

First set:

Second set:

Tracks marked (*) also appeared on the Lunar Glee Club cassette release.

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